Harbans Singh

Managing Director
UBIQ Global Solutions Sdn Bhd

Harbans has been involved in the hospitality business since 1985 during his days as a field engineer in NCR. He subsequently moved into hospitality software installation and support and then sales. In 1988, he set up the regional operations for Computerized Lodging Systems (CLS), Inc. USA in Asia, this being the first commercially successful hotel management system which ran on the Unix platform. During this time, he also managed to grow CLS into a leading supplier of hospitality technology in Asia with over 300 installations.

Since 1988, Harbans has seen CLS evolve into many forms, including a management buyout of the operations in 1995 by him and his partners. In 2002, he merged his company with Hotel Information Systems (HIS), Inc. USA and became President of HIS Asia. In 2006, this operations was acquired by Sofbrands, Inc. USA and he continued as President Asia Pacific, Middle East, until his departure in December 2008. At the time of leaving, HIS/Softbrands had over 800 customers in Asia Pacific.

Upon leaving Softbrands, Harbans founded UbiQ Global Solutions and also Ubicomp System Sdn Bhd, with the intent of developing and distributing new technologies to the hospitality industry.

Over the years, Harbans has been very actively involved in industry developments and also is a constant speaker in hospitality conferences across Asia-Pacific and Middle East. His main passion centred on the use of technology to improve guest services and he constantly advocated the dawn of a new era of hospitality solutions. He holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology with his dissertation focused on future trends in Asian hospitality technology.  

In recognition of Harbans’ contribution to Hospitality technology, Harbans was inducted into the prestigious HFTP Hall of Fame in June, 2013 in Minneapolis, USA, being the first Asian to be ever inducted into this exclusive club!